• Try our award winning Heidi cheese. Aged a minimum of 9 months; this gruyere-style cheese will dazzle your taste buds! Made only from our "Summer milk" when our cows are out on pasture; grazing on the the lush grasses and flowers in full bloom. Vacuum sealed, hand cut piece, approx. 150g
  • A dense creamy paste in a delicate bloomy rind, meltingly smooth and decadent. Similar to a French Chaource-try with a glass of Champagne r Prosecco. Made with whole milk, no added cream. Approx 250g/each
  • Try our fresh European-Style Quark - lightly salted, spreadable or mixable into the perfect dip or queso! Wonderful for baked German-Style Cheese Cakes - ask us for our recipe! Made from our partly-skimmed cows milk, making a nice "light" option.
  • Try our award winning artisan cheddar! Aged roughly 1 year; this cheese has a satisfying cheddar taste with tangy saltiness and a floral finish. Vacuum sealed, hand cut piece, approx. 150g each
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