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Our shop is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm.


Q: What are your hours?
A: Our shop is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

Q: Are you open on holidays?
A: We are open most holidays, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Q: Are your barns open to the public?
A: No. Currently at this time due to safety concerns our barns are closed to the public. However you can see our cow’s and goat’s roaming and grazing in our surrounding pastures seasonally, when the weather is nice.

Q: Can you ship cheese to the United States?
A: No. At this time we are not licensed to. However, if you are travelling from Canada to the U.S. you can take our cheeses home with you.

Q: Are all your products pasteurized?
A: Yes, all of our cheeses and milk are pasteurized. Although our milk is not homogenized, meaning you get that yummy layer of cream on top along with all the nutrients that come with it!

Q: Do you make all your own products?
A: Yes, we make and produce all our artisan cheeses and milk with our very own milk from the beautiful animals on our farm.

Q: Do you only sell goat cheese?
A: No. Actually the majority of our cheeses are made from cow’s milk. But we also offer a wide selection of goat cheeses.

Q: Do you do tours?
A: No. Due to health and safety regulations our facility is closed to the public. However, we do have two large windows for you to look into and observe the cheesemaking process.

Q: Can I send cheese/a gift card to a loved one if I live out of town or out of B.C.?
A: Yes! You can order cheese through our website or by emailing fhnc1@outlook.com. Our gift cards can be ordered or picked up in the shop by e-mail or phone 604-796-8741.

Q: Do you make charcuterie boards?
A: Not boards but we make charcuterie platters. These are made to order and require two days advanced notice.

Q: Do you sell gift boxes?
A: Absolutely! These can be customized by you and can include all of your favourite cheeses, meats, crackers, jellies, etc., or we can create one for you. Please order a minimum of two days prior to pickup / expected shipment.

Q: What is the difference between cow brie & goat brie?
A: Both cow and goat brie exhibit your traditional brie characteristics i.e. creamy, white bloomy crust. The major difference between the two is that our goat brie offers a tangier option to our customers.

Q: When can I see your animals out in the field?
A: Our cows and goats can be seenout  grazing the pastures from Spring to Fall, weather dependent.

Q: What is the difference between Castle Blue, Country Blue and Country Blue Truckles?
A: Our Castle Blue is milder and creamier, similar to a Gorgonzola. Country Blue is a stronger more dense and crumbly cheese, similar to a Stilton. Country Blue Truckles are a smaller wheel of our Country Blue and tend to be stronger and drier.

Q: Do all your cheeses have rennet? If so, what kind of rennet?
A: Yes, all our cheeses are made with calf rennet.

Q: Do you have any vegan cheeses?
A: No.

Q: Do you sell rennet or cheese cultures?
A: No.


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