• Try our Welsch-Style cheddar cheese; Country Morning.A crumbly yet buttery texture, with a slight nutty sharpness. The perfect addition to your charcuterie spread, in your grilled cheese! Hand cut, approx. 150g vacuum sealed piece.
  • Try our House Gouda; Au Naturel! Creamy, and mild, and probably our most versatile cheese. Enjoy on a sandwich, with crackers and dill, or melt into your favorite cheesy dish! Vacuum sealed, approx. 150g hand cut piece.
  • Try our Artisan style salted cheddar curds. The perfect snack, or mix into your favorite cheesy dish or poutine eh! Made "squeeky" fresh every 1-2 weeks!
  • Try our fresh European-Style Quark - lightly salted, spreadable or mixable into the perfect dip or queso! Wonderful for baked German-Style Cheese Cakes - ask us for our recipe! Made from our partly-skimmed cows milk, making a nice "light" option.
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